I am Evan Wagoner-Lynch

Hello friends,

You found me! I have moved! Some quick explanation.

I retired from the Internet in 2015. I quit blogging, I joined the circus, and I moved to a little island in Northwestern Washington. I had Reasons, which I will illuminate in a later post.

For ten years I have existed on the Internet as E.D.W. Lynch. Contrary to popular belief it is my real name. More specifically, my first three initials and half of my hyphenated last name. My friends and family know me as Evan Donoch Wagoner-Lynch.

Ever since I was a kid I have tried to shorten my name. My middle name was a closely guarded secret, like a nuclear code. Only my best, best, best friends knew my middle name. I tried signing Evan W-L in kindergarten and the teacher told me, no, I had to write out my FULL NAME. Ugh. The first time I identified as E.D.W. Lynch was in high school when I produced my first digital video with some friends. Director: E.D.W. Lynch. I loved the sound of it. So pompous and stuffy and British. An architect maybe, or a Victorian rabble rouser. Soon I added Sir to the name. I looked up getting a knighthood. Turns out these are only valid from “sitting” monarchs. Ugh.

Pompous and stuffy and British pretty much described my early and middle 20s. I had a lot of fun with the E.D.W. Lynch moniker. I took press interviews under this name (NPR, San Francisco Magazine), I cashed checks to E.D.W. Lynch (sadly, rarely), I posted 7,000 blog posts on Laughing Squid, and I was published in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2013.

But beyond a small group of core friends and fans, E.D.W never got much traction. I believe it was for the following reasons:

  • It sounds like a fake name (it is NOT! Try writing me a check@!)
  • You can’t know or be friends with someone who doesn’t have a first name. What was my first name? E.D.W.? Or as most PR flacks would assume, EDWard? Side note: how did this work for W.E.B. Du Bois?
  • It does sound genuinely stuffy and pompous. The joke is lost to most people (story of my 20s.)

Since 2015 E.D.W. Lynch has been basically comatose. My official Twitter, Facebook page, and blog are now covered in cobwebs. My official email has 2,776 unread messages (not lucrative brand partnership offers, believe me. PR “blasts” mostly.)

As 2017 draws to a close I am returning to the world. Well, the world according to Instagram, Facebook, and so on. I am returning not as a stuffy British aristocrat but as myself, Evan Wagoner-Lynch. On this site and my various online “properties” I’ll be sharing my creative work (words, videos, things), my process, my failures, and my investigations into the Meaning of It All.

What’s in it for you?

Cash, gold, guns.

Kidding. If you’re reading my blog I hope my thoughts and work will resonate with you. Perhaps in me you will see a kindred spirit, a fellow traveler, a fellow flawed human being. For my part, I intend to inspire and illuminate you through words and action, and to entertain you through mistakes and misadventures. Join me, won’t you?

Evan Wagoner-Lynch
Orcas Island
November 2017

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