Announcing Standard Rainbow

I am happy to announce the launch of my apparel design business, Standard Rainbow.

I started this project in October of last year. By December I had developed some dazzle camouflage bags. I sold them under my own name, just in time for the holidays.


Around that time I had coffee with an island friend who happens to be a retired graphic designer and branding consultant. I told him about my project. He urged me to come up with a brand name.

Fast forward through four months of relentless, perfectionism-fueled brainstorming, and Standard Rainbow is born.

The store launches with the Nebraska leggings in blue and black versions, as well as a capri cut and kid version.

I’ve also released my second design—Aviation—based on another obscure WWI camouflage pattern. The inspiration this time is an early form of aircraft camouflage developed (just over 100 years ago) in Germany. At the time, aircraft were made of wood and fabric, so the camouflage pattern was actually printed directly on linen, and then applied to the aircraft. Many different colorways were made for different applications—night, sea, sky, etc. And the colors are wonderful—pinks, purples, blues, yellows.

What’s next? More Aviation colors (pink is next), more bags, possibly a backpack. I’m also mulling an Orcas Island-inspired design as I plan to sell at the farmers market during the high summer season (July & August.)

So if you want some fun, unique leggings, or know someone who does—Remember the name Standard Rainbow.

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