Island Life: All the Nature

Too Long; Didn’t Read
If you want a snapshot of island life, watch The Commute. It’s an island-made short film that was produced by Milla Prince of Lopez Island. It was shot on Lopez and Orcas & won the short film competition at the 2015 Orcas Island Film Festival.

Now that I’m thinking of leaving this island, the advantages of island life come into focus.

The ever-present natural beauty is one. Morning, noon, and night. Rainy or sunny. It is always beautiful here. Sometimes I take it for granted. I’ll be sitting on the ferry reading my phone. Meanwhile dark green islands pass slowly by, maybe an outrageous northern sunset in Technicolor. Or perhaps I’ll miss some whales passing by.

Sometimes I’ll be ruminating about money, the Future, bad things that have happened, and then I’ll see an owl on a road sign in broad daylight.

Or I’ll be hiking with a buddy and we’re debating how exactly civilization might end, and then I’ll realize the forest has gone gold and we’re in a glade carpeted in maple leaves as big as dinner plates.

So on the one hand you can be miserable in paradise. This is a thing we humans do. But on the other hand all it takes is one moment, one inhale and exhale, to take note. Ah, yes, trees. Deer, eagles, mist, mountains, inlets, islets, moss, Doug fir, Douglas squirrel. Beautiful things that are just there, whether you notice them or not.

Oh Boy, a Podcast
This episode of Hidden Brain delves into the role of nature in human wellbeing. Fascinating studies on how even trees in cities make people healthier. Or that a weekend in the woods yields health benefits for 30 days.

Evan Wagoner-Lynch is sponsored by Standard Rainbow

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