I’m Very Excited About: Jaron Lanier

Previously I have called these posts The Weekly Yes. I’m experimenting with a new title for these, I’m Very Excited About… It even has a cool Swedish-sounding acronym: IVEA. Sounds like “idea,” cutting edge design studio IDEO, other things. Hashtag trademarked. Ok, Googling the term reveals a medical device and some other things. Too late, AGAIN.

Anyway, I’m very excited about Jaron Lanier. In podcasts he sounds like a young and adorable nerd, but he’s really a pioneer of virtual reality tech (he coined the term virtual reality.) He’s almost 60 now.

He went from being an evangelist for virtual reality to being a vocal critic of social media and the modern Internet. His brain clearly operates on a higher setting than mine, but he’s charming, thoughtful, well-spoken. Worth a listen. Or a look:

He also has some books, including most recently Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.

Ways to hear Jaron Lanier

The Ezra Klein Show, July 2018

Town Hall Seattle, December 2017

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