Squirrel Dialogues 15: On Expressing Anger

Squirrel, and I discuss anger, expressing anger, and childhood trauma. See episode 5 for other thoughts on anger. Made with love on Orcas Island.

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Show notes below the vid.

Show Notes

Squirrel mentions that trauma occurs in the body. This idea is inspired by the work of Bessel van der Kolk and Peter Levine. Listen to Bessel van der Kolk discuss trauma in this On Being episode. Levine is the creator of somatic experiencing therapy.

Childhood Trauma
My thoughts on childhood trauma were greatly shaped by The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. I’m also drawing on the concepts of attachment trauma and complex trauma.

Get Help
If any of this hits close to home for you, I urge you to speak to a professional who is trained in these areas. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to deal with this on your own. I certainly could not.

This is a great time to find a therapist. Everyone is accepting telehealth patients šŸ™‚

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