Squirrel Dialogues 16: The Ego in Depression

Squirrel and I talk about the role of ego in depression. Featuring Rage Rabbit and Worry Fox. Recorded with love on Orcas Island. Since I am delving, as a non-expert, into matters of mental health, please read my considerations below the vid.

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Show notes below the vid.

Show Notes

Please note
I am not a mental health expert, I’m just an artist who has lived with mental illness for many years. So please consult with experts on these matters. And if you are in crisis, please, please seek help. The world is more lively & interesting with a thriving, healthy You in it. There is great courage in asking for help.

If you are currently in distress, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. For more local options you might try googling “crisis line [STATE]”

More on the Ego in Depression
There is a fascinating chapter on depression in Michael Pollan’s book on psychedelic research: How to Change Your Mind (my post on the book). The chapter goes into recent research into the neurobiology of depression, including the role of the default mode network, a region of the brain associated with the ego. The research is summarized in this 2018 Wall Street Journal article by Michael Pollan.

More thoughts on mental health
See my Euthymia Train series for more thoughts on mental health and healing work.

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